Resolution Solutions and Services

RiverStone is prepared to acquire or service insurance or liability portfolios in a variety of ways, depending upon customer needs, including:

  • Acquisition of run-off books.
  • Acquisition of an entity having both ongoing and run-off business.
  • Management of portfolios of discontinued or lagging business.
  • A partnership arrangement intended to share risks and rewards.

With the flexibility to structure transactions so as to serve the best interests of all stake-holders, RiverStone can provide finality and stability, thereby releasing a seller’s capital and resources for use toward other business initiatives.

Customers who wish to retain financial responsibility for their run-off business can capitalize on RiverStone’s expertise in reducing ULAE expenses, increasing cash flow through more aggressive reinsurance collections, and enhancing value through favorable claim settlements and resolution of disputes and complex litigation.

RiverStone provides a broad range of complementary services and run-off management support. Our insurance experts are available to provide consultation relating to all aspects of claims, reinsurance, and litigation as well as general matters such as due diligence reviews, forensic accounting reviews, and staff training, including:

  • Executive management oversight.
  • Claims management and processing.
  • Reinsurance recoverables management and processing.
  • Management and resolution of complex litigation.
  • Financial accounting/STAT/GAAP/regulatory matters.
  • Actuarial expertise.
  • Regulatory corporate legal expertise.
  • IT management.

In delivering these services, we rely upon a proven infrastructure with consolidated resources employing a coordinated team approach to achieve superior results. The RiverStone advantage derives from its strong operations and expert staff along with the ability to foresee and counter challenges looming on the horizon and to develop new techniques for identifying emerging trends and measuring success.

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