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The RiverStone Group is the preeminent insurance run-off manager in the world. RiverStone is a global insurance industry leader specializing in the acquisition and management of insurance portfolios. With over 200 highly skilled insurance specialists employed in the US and Europe, RiverStone has amassed unrivaled industry and regulatory experience and is the recognized market leader in the resolution of complex insurance claims arising from APH (asbestos, environmental, mass tort) construction defect, brown and blue water marine, workers compensation, and major bodily injury liabilities. In the event that resolution requires litigation, RiverStone’s legal office is staffed by a group of highly regarded attorneys hand picked from various major law firms throughout the world. RiverStone is also a recognized world leader in reinsurance recoveries, commutations and the resolution of reinsurance disputes. Since resolution of complex insurance portfolios requires sensitivity to complicated finance, actuarial, IT and human resource issues, RiverStone also brings world class capabilities to each of those areas.

RiverStone is led by a team that has managed the run-off of over $10 billion in liabilities of TIG Insurance Company, International Insurance Company, Sphere Drake Insurance Company, and more than twenty other entities. Now owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a Canadian financial services group, the company has grown from its establishment in 1992 as The Resolution Group (TRG). TRG was organized to manage the discontinued insurance businesses of Xerox Financial Services at the former Crum and Forster Corporation. TRG was one of the first dedicated run-off managers, and RiverStone now continues as one of the largest and most successful run-off specialists in the history of the industry.

RiverStone Europe was established in mid-1999 to run off the UK and Bermuda operations of Sphere Drake Insurance Ltd. Through a series of legal and operational consolidations in 2002 and 2003, these businesses were combined with independent Swedish and French run-off portfolios owned by Fairfax to form a single consolidated run-off platform in RiverStone Insurance UK. Financial management and reporting of these pan-European books were transferred to RiverStone’s Brighton, England office under the sole regulatory supervision of the UK Financial Services Authority.

In 2003, RiverStone formed Syndicate 3500 and a corresponding managing agency at Lloyd’s to acquire open years of account within the Lloyd’s market. Through a reinsurance-to-close into RiverStone Insurance UK, RiverStone acquired the open years of account of Syndicates 271 (aviation) and 506 (non-marine business).

Globally, RiverStone is currently responsible for more than $4 billion in gross liabilities, including a broad range of commercial insurance and reinsurance exposures, with particular emphasis on the resolution of direct and assumed claims arising from APH (asbestos, environmental, mass tort), construction defect, major bodily injury and workers compensation liabilities, among others.

In addition to industry defining experience with run-off management and consolidation, RiverStone, together with Fairfax, now brings to the market the capability to creatively finance substantial transactions so as to relieve customers of the continuing liability concerns, regulatory and rating issues associated with discontinued or lagging businesses.

In short, RiverStone brings world class capabilities to the resolution of complex insurance and reinsurance portfolios throughout the world. RiverStone: world class, world wide.

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